Quiz: Will Online Book Marketing Help Sales

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meditation instructions? not with sariputta on the watch." style="max-width:410px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Does the Seller Reside in Thailand? The seller of authentic Thai amulets is almost certainly still living in Thailand. You can almost immediately weed out anyone not physically residing in Thailand at the present moment. If your amulets aren't shipped from Thailand there is an even better chance you are not getting genuine articles.

Find a Thai amulet seller that doesn't sell using hype. Find one that physically resides in Thailand and that can take photos of an amulet you wish to purchase beside today's Bangkok Post or The Nation newspaper to prove to you the amulet really exists. Order an inexpensive amulet or two as a test before spending more than a hundred dollars on a large order. Can they deliver? What is the quality of Thai amulet the seller sells?

MZC: In the theravada tradition, what is the role of the teacher? You studied Tibetan Buddhism first where the teacher, the guru, actually gives initiation. The Tibetans identify very strongly with the teacher who can awaken others, because they themselves are awake. The teacher has a quality that draws you into insight, tranquility, wisdom, moral integrity and compassion.

BN: Yes, but that awareness that is aware of objects shares the same qualities of its objects. It too is impermanent and without a self, subject to suffering. Some may consider that awareness, that luminescent presence, to be unconditional, but that is not the teaching of the Buddha, and that's not my experience.

BN: I changed my life. Before I had only read, but when you meet with a teacher and stay close to a teacher, well that is the great change. I turned around. I felt a transformation by practicing and learning from my teacher. I discovered an inner happiness and peace. I felt I found an opportunity to know what the Buddha taught. I stayed with my teacher until he died; even after I came to Mexico, I used to accompany my teacher when he traveled. I stayed with him for almost 20 years.

Ramkhamhaeng introduced the first Thai letters. During his regime, the kingdom expanded and spread over a large area from Martaban (now Myanmar) to Luang Prabang (present day Laos) and Theravada.vn down to the Malay Peninsula. The kingdom was larger than modern day Thailand.

BN: Yes and I see it now in Burma and in the world. I gave a presentation on ethics recently to the judiciary in Xalapa. We spoke about how institutions can too often act like predators rather than being fair to the people. How can we say we are serving others if we are exploiting them? At the time of the Buddha, you would be brought to the king if you committed some offense. Simple. A punishment or a pardon was swiftly given. Now it's so much more complex. Modern society demands that we apply ethics more broadly.

MZC: There's a combination of what one experiences and comes to understand and a belief perhaps in the sense of a confidence that there is an efficacy to the practice of the teachings. But again it's based in one's own experience, not taken, as Batchelor says and the Buddha teaches, because some authority says so.