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That's simply silly.

A chef's kitchen area is generally big with luxury surfaces and appliances and a good quantity of specialized upgrades one would require to produce expert food. If you have any type of concerns concerning where and ways to utilize modular stainless steel kitchen, you could call us at our web-site. Bonus big refrigerator, pot filler, microwave drawer, hood, large gas range, double ovens etc etc

Well, a REAL chef's cooking area probably has no high end finishes, opting rather for stainless steel tables and Formica on the walls, home appliances never ever seen in a household kitchen (like the refrigerated drawers, or a walk-in freezer), things like the huge griddle with grease rain gutters all round, deep fryer, a big Hobart chopper/slicer, and so on. Plus those red rough-surfaced tiles, and a flooring drain. And do not forget the grease trap. As far as I'm worried, anybody who markets a home with "chef's kitchen" must be forced to show us the grease trap. And if it does not have one, they need to be forced to clean up out the closest grease trap.

Oh, don't forget the big deep stainless steel sinks. Not fancy-schmancy sinks embeded in granite tops, but big deep ones a couple feet deep and a couple feet wide.