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The flight, surprisingly, went off and not using a hitch despite wind warnings. Click here to see StevenBe's webpage! The Minneapolis space and actually the state of Minnesota had been pummeled with the worst storm of the season. The streets had a thick layer of ice with 12-inches of snow stuck on top. I mean caught. The plows plowed the snow but it made little distinction due to the ice underneath. The roads had been nonetheless ice and snow coated, many having enormous ruts within the ice. There were accidents in all places. It was so cold, too. Minnesota cold is a lot colder than Madison cold. It chills you to the bone. This is the parking lot but the streets weren't significantly better in any respect as far as snow circumstances. The opposite thing is that the streets are so incredibly slender from the snow and parked vehicles. It's single lane all over the place you go. The state is now in a state of emergency for parking on the streets to allow them to try and clear a number of the snow and widen the streets.

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